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Saving fuels & money with the right vehicle parts.

Easy steps to save fuel & money !

Using fuel efficient techniques can go a long distance in saving fuel and money. 

Let’s see how you can use a vehicle part to save more fuel. Therefore, you will need to check the following parts 

Mass Airflow Sensor

This can be a great problem as Air Flow Sensor is an effective tool to save fuel. Ensure that you keep it clean and service it regularly from time to time. Wear and tear can also slow down its speed. Don’t worry; it can be easily changed at home. So, you can do it yourself and save money.

Oxygen Sensor

Checks the exhaust flow before and after the catalytic converter, which adjusts the fuel injection. If this is faulty, it doesn’t send accurate information. So, always replace it after your vehicle runs more than 10,000 miles.

Spark Plug

The spark plugs is for ignition by mixing the air and fuel mixture in the engine combustion chamber. It should be serviced with grease for better performance and replaced when damaged or old, for the engine’s increased efficiency.

Air Filter

Filter the air coming into the engine. As a vehicle part, it is a great way to filter the air that you breathe in while in the car. With cities becoming polluted, an air filter is often a necessity today. If it’s dirty, it will reduce its performance resulting in more fuel to burn. You need to keep it clean. Dry air filter reduces fuel efficiency so you need to ensure that it’s properly maintained.


You must check it from time to time and get air filled at the service station. Because tyres lose air naturally, check for pressure to increase fuel efficiency.Always ensure that the tyres have air and are inflated in the correct proportion. Tyres provide traction. 

Try this easy way. This allow you to increase fuel economy and save money!

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