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Sites every Malaysian driver should know

Owning a car is almost a must for every people. Where we can move around easily, here are some tech companies that will ease your ownership of a car. 


Everyone knows to head to Paul Tan’s and with good reason. The #1 automotive news website in Malaysia offers honest and invaluable advice on the latest cars. Need a research on what car to buy?

Links: www.paultan.org


Ready to sell off your old car? Sell your car in 24 hours with CARSOME!

Links: www.carsome.my


Wanted to get a new car or used cars from private sellers.

Links : www.carlist.my


THIS WILL BE YOUR LIFE SAVIOUR. Get the latest updates news about roadblocks, best routes. Never, ever, try to outsmart Waze.  

Links: www.waze.com 

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