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Why are there speed bumps ?

Speed Bumps and humps are Annoying ?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you just ignored them and don’t slow down?

Benefits and cautions

One of the great strengths of speed bumps and humps is that they remain a deterrent no matter how accustomed drivers become to their presence. Flashing signs or intermittent traffic enforcement change behaviors for a while, but drivers often revert to previous behavior. One can disregard a sign, but not the road beneath. A speed hump or a speed bump creates the same discomfort for a driver going too quickly whether it is their first or their hundredth time over it

Simple and effective traffic management

Speed bumps and humps are useful to encourage safe driving in pedestrian zones. Speed humps are useful in places where traffic needs to flow, and speed bumps in small areas where pedestrians and traffic share space more equally. Larger speed humps and their small but forceful cousins, speed bumps, are traffic safety superstars, when put on the right stage. 

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