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EUROAP SLUDGEBUSTER (2.5L) Engine sludge solution.

RM 800.00


SLUDGEBUSTER® is a solution to clean the engine sludge from inside without performing a engine overhaul.

REMOVES black sludge.
BREAKSDOW deposit o pistons, especially in the piston ring grooves.
CLEANS oil ducts holes and screens.
ACTS againts the formation of lacquer on hot metal surfaces.
PREVENTS the agglomeration combustion products.
PREVENTS lubricant deficiency.
PREVENTS expensive engine repairs.
SIMPLE and economical to use.


1. Turn off Engine.
2. Fill 2.5 litres SLUDGEBUSTER into engine.
3. Leave it for 8 hours.
4. Flush/Extract Engine Oil
5. Fill with Mineral 15w40 Engine Oil.
6. Drive for 10km - 50km
7. Flush Engine Oil
8. Replace with new Engine Oil and Filter